Asian Art Imports was established in 1998 with a focus on selling reclaimed architectural  pieces
and natural home decor before it became the fashion it is today.
We source every piece that we buy.  We have established long term relationships with our suppliers.
We work with good people who provide good working environments. .
Clients who visit our warehouse are impressed with the depth of our inventory.
We offer innovative quality pieces and good service. We're recognized by leading designers and
have supplied prominent hospitality projects. We often work on project after project with the same
firms who appreciate our execution regarding both quality and getting the product on site in the
appropriate time frame. No order is too small or too large. We offer container rates and ship
worldwide. Some of our customers accompany us on buying trips.
If you can appreciate working with a company where you can build a relationship for the future of your
business, you've come to the right place. Natural home decor is our business and our passion.
We've been told that it shows.

Thank you,
Wally and Pat Stryk   owners
Asian Art Imports

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the art of sustainablility
Wally and Pat Stryk on the Mekong
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We own our forwarding company in Chiangmai called
Two Logistics. With our own facility couple with agent
sevicises, this offers a seamless operation for
customers shipping container loads or LTL worldwide.